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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Corrections to "The Siege of Petersburg: The Battles for the Weldon Railroad, August 1864"

My cousin George Zelenack went to the trouble of sniffing out typographical errors in The Siege of Petersburg:  The Battles for the Weldon Railroad, August 1864.  Thanks, George!  Here's what they are:

Page      Line                        Text                                                       Suggestion
Viii          6                              look at a history books                   look at history books
X             6                              missing ling                                         missing link
11           3                              a find dust                                           a fine dust
11           FN11, L9               much more quickly that                 much more quickly than
30           FN21, L4               “Road roather than”                       Road rather than
56           P2, L1                    “alignng on a lane”                          aligning on a lane
125         P1, L12                  in front of rest of                              in front of the rest of
345         L17                         Dakota.Letter                                    Dakota. Letter
345         L21                         Georgia.Nicholas                              Georgia. (New paragraph) Nicholas DeGraff….
346         L9                            D.C.William                                         D.C.  (new paragraph) William Henry Harder….
346         L10                         Virginia. Joseph                                Virginia.  (new paragraph) Joseph Hayes….
347         L1                            James June 21-August 21 1894    James, June 21-August 21, 1894
347         Sec2, L10              (1889).Day,                                         (1889).  Day, W.  A….
363         L2                            “misunderstatding”                        misunderstanding
365         Meade, L13                     “misunderstatding”                                misunderstanding

I have found more substantial errors:

1)  The Western Brigade of Terry's division on August 16, 1864, attacked not in column of divisions but in column of battalions, and thus with skirmishers not eleven deep but five deep.  OR 42, 1:689 ("doubled in column at half distance"), 699 ("doubled on the center...formed in double column").

2)  The Wilson-Kautz Raid did not leave the Richmond & Danville Railroad and the South Side Railroad inoperable until September but only until early July.  Greg Eanes, Destroy the Junction:  The Wilson-Kautz Raid & the Battle for the Staunton River Bridge, June 21, 1864 to July 1, 1864 (Lynchburg, Va.:  H. E. Howard, 1999), 166-168, 207-208.

Mea culpa!