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Saturday, May 21, 2016

When in Doubt, Google.

When trying to track down a citation, Google it.  Often one is dealing with a mis-citation.  This is particularly true when dealing with material cited to the files of one of the national battlefield parks.  These are often snippets of information from one repository or another.

This evening, I was trying to find the whereabouts of a memoir cited to the private collection of a park historian.  Google informed me that the document was a book published in 1950.  I can and shall get it interlibrary loan.

I was searching for another memoir mis-cited in the bibliography of a monograph.  Google informed me that it is a manuscript in a library in Rome, Georgia.  My experience with libraries has been good.  The Augusta, Georgia library a few weeks ago free of charge provided me with a copy of another memoir I sought.  I fired off an email to the Rome, Georgia library tonight.