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Friday, April 29, 2016

8th Alabama Infantry, a Great Regiment

Here's a solid statistic from the Alabama Archives.  The 8th Alabama Infantry had lost 297 killed or dead of wounds as of January 1, 1865.  It lost two killed or mortally wounded at Hatcher's Run on February 6, 1865, and one killed or dead of wounds April 7, 1865, for a total of 300. Alabama Department of Archives and History, Confederate Regimental History Files, 8th Alabama Infantry, Folder 4, Part 3, 34-36.  300 exceeds the 295 battle fatalities suffered by the 5th New Hampshire, the Union regiment that Fox calculated lost the most battle fatalities on the Union side.  If you read the capsule histories of the Alabama regiments set forth by the Alabama Archives, the 8th's is the only overall number of killed or mortally wounded that is not qualified by a "nearly," "almost," "around," or the like.  I saw no bases for the estimates of the killed or dead of wounds in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 14th Alabama.  There are no estimates for the Alabama regiments in the Army of Tennessee.