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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rigdon's Regimentals

I just skimmed John C. Rigdon's Historical Sketch and Roster of the Georgia 22nd Infantry Regiment.  163 of its 1,241 soldiers were killed or mortally wounded, 13.1% of its enrollment.  The book is like an H. E. Howard book except that it includes a memoir by a soldier, Memoir of William Brock Judkins, Carnegie Library, Rome, Georgia.  Judkins says that on the charge at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, "Genl Wright [was] in command, but was not in charge, he was not well, but his Adjutant Genl. Geroda was in command, or led the brigade...."  Rigdon, 22nd Georgia, 131.  The Judkins memoir is not very helpful for the siege of Petersburg, because he was wounded in May and did not return until just before Hatcher's Run in February, 1865, and his account of that fight is rather confused.

Rigdon has churned out ten or twenty of these books, mostly about Georgia regiments.  I've ordered three more--48th NC, 48th GA, and 10th AL.  Including a memoir makes them, in my opinion, superior to the H. E. Howard Virginia Regimentals.