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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rigdon's 48th North Carolina

John C. Rigdon's book on the 48th North Carolina Infantry arrived today.  It proved disappointing after reading his book on the 22nd Georgia.  On the positive side, the 48th North Carolina book contained a memoir.  On the negative side, and this may not have been any fault of Rigdon's, too many companies listed nothing but a soldier's rank in and his rank out--nothing about what happened to him while in service.  Some of the companies have quite a bit of information.  You can tell from the statistics on the companies that have them that this was a regiment of which Fox would be proud, but I'm not inclined to project the regiment's losses in killed and wounded on the basis of half its companies.  I'm hoping that Rigdon's books on the 10th Alabama and 48th Georgia prove more informative.  They are due to arrive tomorrow.