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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NOTICE: No Name Calling and Similar Forms of Incivility

Name calling and similar forms of incivility will not be tolerated in this blog.  Comments engaging in them will be deleted.  I reserve the right to deal with the substance of those comments.  For example, someone who fashions himself "Jubilo" recently commented after some name calling:

"Hardenburg is now thought to have captured the color of a Georgia not an Alabama regiment. This was the subject of much discussion between Bill Rambo of Confederate Memorial Park in Alabama and Greg Biggs of the Clarksville,TN C.W. R.T. Supposedly no Alabama colors were taken at that engagement althought the offical records declare otherwise. The discussion goes on for those who care !"

[This comment refers to Private Henry M. Hardenbergh, Company G, 39th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry, color bearer of the 39th Illinois on August 16, 1864 in an assault on Confederate fortifications above Fussell's Mill, about ten miles southeast of Richmond.  After being wounded and having the colors taken from him by an officer, Hardenbergh pressed on and captured the flag of an Alabama regiment after killing its bearer.  Hardenbergh was awarded a Medal of Honor and a commission for his achievement.] 

My response is that I sympathize because the breakthrough took place on the front of a Georgia brigade, but the only evidence is that Hardenbergh captured the flag of an Alabama regiment in the adjacent Alabama brigade.  The evidence is in Hardenbergh's service record and Clark's history of the 39th Illinois.  There is no evidence whatsoever that Hardenbergh captured the flag of a Georgia regiment.  What people think, what they discuss, and what they suppose are not evidence.